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Family run cafe - providing range of daytime exotic meals to meet your taste.

We also serve spicy meat dishes with a salad of choice or a savoury exotic sauce.

Continentals Delicatessent

Situated near St Peter's Church in Burnley town centre, you will find delicious Mediterranean and Egyptian cuisines to delight your tastebuds.

You can share tasty greek salads, lamb and meat kebabs with family and friends, and you can order from a wide range of drinks including tea, coffee, milkshakes or fresh juices, and the restaurant is well known for its good quality wines and beers.

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Welcoming Environments

Continentals is well known for its welcoming and cheerful staff, and the fabulous service is something that the staff, as restaurateurs, really care about.

You will also be pleasantly impressed with the affordable prices, and the terrific decor and peaceful atmosphere which allows customers to feel totally relaxed.